“The way the staff and teachers genuinely loved the Lord helped me develop a Biblical worldview, something that I will use for the rest of my life as I apply it to real world scenarios.”

– Abbi Waddell, Class of 2019

“I appreciate the teachers and administrators who pushed my classmates and myself to grow in wisdom and in knowledge. They cared about our academics, but they also cared about our relationship with Christ.”

– Reese Howell, Class of 2019

“What I appreciate most about my Strong Rock experience is the amazing programs such as SLI and other leadership organizations that helped prepare me for college and the professional world.”

– Lee Wall, Class of 2019

“The thing that I most appreciated about my Strong Rock experience is that the teachers were always so willing to help. If you were willing to go in and ask them for help, they would take time out of their day and help you with assignments or papers. The thing that I think Strong Rock most helped me prepare for college was the rigor. It may have been difficult at the time but I feel it definitely prepared me for college where everything is difficult. ”

– Wes Jones, Class of 2019

“Strong Rock taught me to glorify God. Strong Rock did partner with my family and for that, I’m forever grateful. Strong Rock provided me with an exceptional education and allowed me to truly live out the mission- ‘to impact the world for Jesus Christ- The Strong Rock.’ I graduated from a premier school and believe that my college experience will build on what Strong Rock has already done in my life. ”

– Micah Dial, Class of 2015

“The experience that I had at Strong Rock is one that I’ll never forget. Thinking back on the six years that I attended SRCS fills my heart with all the good times that I had while I was there. I met my best friend, discovered my love for cheerleading, and most importantly, grew in my relationship with Christ. Strong Rock is more than just where I went to high school, it’s my home away from home.”

– Kennedy Cullen, Class of 2013