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Strong Rock Dress Code Guidelines

Updated: July 25, 2023

The uniform at Strong Rock Christian School is a symbol of excellence.  The uniform is a symbol of unity.  All students of Strong Rock Christian School wear the uniform, thus, emphasizing a community spirit. Attention to one’s personal appearance is a matter of self-discipline and is expected of all students.  Uniforms reduce distractions, allowing students to focus on academics.  

For the safety and security of the students, faculty, and staff, students must be in school uniform while on campus during school hours, and he/she must wear the school uniform properly and in its entirety.  The Strong Rock Christian School administrators are the final judges of uniform, jewelry, and/or hair appropriateness or correctness.  The decisions they make are final. 

J & R Uniforms will be our primary uniform provider, and parents should set up an account for purchases.  Uniform items purchased in the iRock Café may also be worn.  Additionally, Sunshine and Land’s End uniform items will continue to be permitted.  Only uniform items from these listed vendors will be acceptable.  The following outlines the uniform and acceptable combination of the items.

 Belts are required for students in 2nd through 12th grades.  Boys’ shirttails must be tucked in, unless the shirt is the approved style to be worn out.  Hats or other headwear may not be worn before or during the school day.  Only solid white T-shirts should be worn under the uniform shirt.  Undershirts must not be visible beneath the uniform shirt.  All clothing should fit in a traditional manner, and appropriate undergarments must be worn. Neither excessively tight nor loose fitting attire will be accepted.  

All uniform wear, especially jackets and coats, should be labeled with the student’s name as soon as the item is purchased.  Additionally, all books, notebooks, and bags should be labeled.

On Tuesdays, high school blazers must be worn at all times unless directed by a faculty member.  The guy’s ties must be worn and the top button of the collared shirt must be buttoned at all times.  Shirts should be tucked in at all times.

Uniform Purchases

J&R Clothing

Buy, Sell, Swap (FB)

Be on the lookout for the Annual Uniform Resale organized by the Fine Arts Department every June.

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