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High School Summer Reading

Strong Rock Christian School’s English Department believes that reading is a valuable pursuit. In a culture inundated by social media, reading becomes an even more important part of the well-rounded student’s foundation as a learner, both now and in the future. As a college preparatory school, we recognize that colleges expect students to have read widely in the classics of literature; therefore, we continue to offer a summer reading program for students to exercise their independent reading skills.

The English Department does not necessarily endorse all the contents of every novel in its rich and varied collection of classic and modern literature. In order to meet certain academic standards and challenge students to improve their comprehension, vocabulary, and critical analysis skills, we must continue to offer material of varied genres, periods, and content. The position of Strong Rock Christian School is well understood to be in strict adherence to the doctrines and principles taught in the Holy Scriptures, and the English Department endeavors to present and study all literature from a Biblical perspective. With this philosophy in mind, teachers at each grade level select summer reading titles based on several factors, including college English department lists of books which well-prepared students should have read, the curriculum students will be studying throughout the next year, and anticipated interests of student readers. In each grade level, College Preparatory and Honors students are allowed to choose one selection to read from among three titles from a variety of genres. There is one nonfiction selection at each grade level.  AP and Dual Enrollment students have selected titles and detailed related assignments.

In April 2022, teachers approved student placement for the appropriate level of English.  The College Preparatory (CP) level class prepares students to meet the goals and expectations of the Strong Rock English curriculum. The Honors (H) level class focuses more on critical thinking/reading skills and covers material in greater depth than the CP level class. Advanced Placement (AP) level courses are college-level courses approved by the College Board that train students to read complex texts with greater understanding and to develop richness, clarity, and complexity in their own writing. The Dual Enrollment/College course partners SRCS curriculum with the curriculum of Point University and adheres to attendance policies of Point University. Students should read the appropriate texts assigned at each level.  New students enrolled before July 1 will receive the appropriate summer assignment from the admissions office and will be expected to complete the assignments on time. Students enrolled after July 1 should begin the appropriate summer assignment immediately and consult with their English teacher by email to establish appropriate deadlines. With the possible exception of any student enrolled after July 1, students are expected to have their selected book read for the first day of the new school year. Teachers will test students the first or second day of the first week. Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment students will be expected to have their completed work the first day of class as well. Teachers will evaluate the summer reading assignments with several objective and creative assessments in the first two weeks of school. These grades will constitute up to one-third of the student’s first nine weeks average in English.


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