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Student & Family Handbook

Purpose of this Handbook

This Handbook was developed to answer many of the commonly asked questions that students and parents may have during the school year. Because the Handbook contains information about student rights and responsibilities, parents and students are responsible for knowing its contents. Parents and students should take the time to become familiar with the following information and keep this Handbook available for use throughout the year. It can be a valuable reference during the school year and a means to avoid confusion and misunderstandings when questions arise.

The school reserves the right to interpret the content of this Handbook, including the rules and regulations governing the academic and non-academic conduct of students. This Handbook is not a contract, nor is it intended to be so construed. Our school reserves the right to modify and/or amend the content of this Handbook at any time during the year.

Students who reach 18 years of age while enrolled in the school are bound by all student and parent obligations in this Handbook. A student’s continued enrollment after reaching 18 years of age evidences the student’s agreement with this requirement. In addition, even after the student turns 18, the school will continue to share all health/medical, disciplinary, grades, progress reports, and other information with the student’s parents/legal guardians throughout student’s enrollment at the school. Should a student have a concern about particular information being shared with his/her parents/legal guardians, the student should consult with an administrator.

Questions about the Handbook or any of its policies should be directed to the student’s principal.

Need HELP?

Academic Questions

Judy Johnston, Academic Dean, Elementary Principal

Perian Calhoun, Academy Principal

Toby Evans, High School Principal

Guidance Counselor

Dr. Kim Kerce, Guidance Counselor

Financial Questions

Lisa Hester, Accounts Receivable/FACTS

Re-Enrollment Questions

Denise McCracken, Admissions Director

Allison Buckner, Admissions Assistant