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Case Hudgins - College Signing


This young man came to the shooting team when he was in 7th grade. I think that he and his shotgun were about the same length.  Case is a good, natural shooter but when he came to the team, he was used to shooting things with feathers and fur.  He came and wanted to shoot skeet and sporting clays.  He listened to what we as coaches asked him to do and worked hard at honing his skill and has become one of our teams most consistent shooters.  The thing about Case is, he has a warm smile, a humble heart and fierce determination. When he wins, he gives you a half smile and moves onto the next thing. If you beat him, he has the same smile and will tell you how good you are and congratulations.

 Case is one who welcomes any new team member, and he works with them in his own quiet way. He gives instructions so that any new shooter can understand and grow in the sport.  Case knows that there is always more to learn, and he is willing to spend the time and SHELLS to get better.  He will be missed but we as coaches are so excited that he will have the opportunity to continue with a sport that he loves at Emanuel.

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