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Landon Neely - College Signing


This quiet young man came to the team when he was in 8th grade. His older brother (Andrew) was already on the team.  Landon has an absolutely infectious smile; he can change your day when you see it.  Landon is a quiet member on the team, but he is not unnoticed.  Landon has this drive in him that is very uncommon, it’s almost machine like.  Landon listens and works and works and works to hone his skill.   He works with his teammates to pass on what he has learned so that they get better, and the team gets better.  Landon is a fierce competitor and has the want to and drive to win.  When he wins, he smiles and looks down, he doesn’t brag or make you feel bad about losing. He congratulates you for the competition you brought and how well you competed.  If he loses, he will give you a simile and congratulate you and tell you how good you did in a very humble way.  He works hard with his teammates to push them to be the best they can be so that the team finishes strong.   

Landon is leaving a lasting example of what hard work and determination looks like and what can be accomplished.  This year at the state meet, Landon, with over 600 competitors finished 3rd in the state in trap. To accomplish this, he won a 5 person shoot-off that started on the 16-yard line and was pushed back as shooters fell out, to the 27-yard line, he never lost his cool as he won the final round.  We as coaches are so proud to see Landon be able to move on to the next level of competition at Emanuel.  

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