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Elementary Athletic Handbook

Purpose of this Handbook

Strong Rock Christian School is committed to providing a diversified, participatory and successful athletic program that is available to all students. Our school believes that such a program is a vital and integral part of the total school environment and plays a key role in the overall development of each student who is involved in the athletic program. It is our belief that the athletic program at Strong Rock Christian School should assist students in developing courage to build confidence and the qualities of good citizenship, as well as in impacting the world for Jesus Christ.

It is the purpose of this handbook to set forth the operating procedures for the students, parents and athletic staff at Strong Rock Christian School. It is designed as a reference source that will facilitate the process of seeking and clarifying information concerning administrative and athletic policies and procedures as well as promote a framework that will lead to the effective and efficient application of those policies and procedures.

Athletic Handbook

Code of Conduct &
Parent Acknowledgement

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Tommy Webb, Athletic Director

Gary Schofield, Associate Athletic Director

Jessica Stancil, Administrative Assistant Athletics