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Athletic Handbook - All Levels

Parents, Student-Athletes & Coaches:

The mission of Strong Rock Christian School is to glorify God and partner with families in educating and inspiring their children to impact the world for Jesus Christ – The Strong Rock. The athletic department serves to compliment and advance our school community by presenting, promoting, practicing and preserving our mission. In order to protect that mission and develop a holistic approach to each student, Strong Rock Christian School is centered on the four pillars of academics, fine arts, missions and athletics.

The athletic pillar strives to empower Christ-like character while nurturing God-given physical talents by producing effective outcomes (technical skills, tactical sports IQ and long-term physical development), creating exceptional experiences (spiritual growth, social skills and leadership opportunities) and providing engaging environments (facilities, equipment and Christ-Centered coaching).

Through participation in team and individual sports, students learn not only athletic skills necessary to successfully compete, but also fundamental life skills that will remain with them throughout their lives. Athletics assist in creating challenging goals to improve the mind, body and team while exploring our created purpose behind deep relationships with the soul, the family and the world.

We believe that every student has the potential to positively contribute to the success of any team or event and encourage students to explore the many athletic offerings at Strong Rock Christian School. Our athletics program emphasizes a Long Term Athletic Developmental (LTAD) framework to ensure that training, competition and recovery schedules are appropriate for an athlete at each specific stage of their growth and development.

It is the role of the athletic department to make policies and rules that govern the spirit of competition for the school. These rules need a broad base of community support, which is achieved only through communication with the athlete, parent and coach. We hope to accomplish this objective through this handbook for parents, student-athletes and coaches. We ask that you read this handbook thoroughly, and sign and return the acknowledgement which is located at the end of this handbook. 

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Athletic Handbook

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