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“My first week was of college has been incredible. I thank the Strong Rock family for preparing me right. I have a biology and a chemistry class this year. The professors all did their lectures and asked the class if everything sounded familiar or if it was like review. I’m not sure if people didn’t want to raise their hands to this question or what but, I looked around and I was one of the only person with my hand in the air because I had heard the topics he was introducing. So, I would say that Strong Rock really prepared me educationally to have a head start in these first few classes in college.”
– Heath Sanders, Class of 2019

“Strong Rock taught me a lot over the 6 years I was there. If I had to choose something that I will carry with me into college is that I was always encouraged to stand up for my faith. The reason I would say that always being able to share your faith and standing strong in what you believe in is important is because of an experience that happened during my first week at college. Due to requirements that placed me in unacceptable situations, I decided to leave the comfort of the basketball team and had to solely rely on Christ to pull me through. And all throughout my decision, I was getting texts and calls from Strong Rock teachers and staff telling me how proud they were of me for standing strong and fleeing from evil! It is hard being a Christian in today’s world but thanks to Strong Rock pouring Christ in me, I was able to stand strong in my faith and was not shaken! ”  David Green, Class of 2019

“My experience at Strong Rock set me to be outgoing and fellowship with others as well as have a responsible schedule to where I can strive to do my work to the best of my ability…all while glorifying Christ and showing others who He is. Strong Rock set those foundations for me.” Cade Howell, Class of 2019