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Kindergarten Class

Tuition Schedule

Tuition Schedule of Strong Rock Christian School
2024-2025 School Year


If Paid in Full
(May 1st)
If Paid in 3 Payments
(May, Oct, Jan)
If Paid Over 12 Months
3K and 4K
$12,654 $12,987
Kindergarten -
Fifth Grade
$13,742 $14,104


Sixth - Twelfth Grade $16,592 $17,029

* Lunch included with tuition. Payments rounded to nearest dollar.

APPLICATION FEE (Non-Refundable):  $100
The Application Fee is a one-time fee when applying for admission.

ENROLLMENT FEE (For New Students - Non-Refundable):  $250
The Enrollment Fee secures your child’s place for the upcoming school year.

RE-ENROLLMENT FEE (For Returning Students - Non-Refundable):  $250
After Jan 31, 2024: $350
After February 29, 2024: $450

The Re-Enrollment Fee secures your child’s place for the upcoming school year. 

The sibling discount is granted on tuition only to children from the same family.  The discounts are 5% for 2nd child; 10% for 3rd child; 15% for 4th child and above.  The sibling discount applies to the youngest child or children.

When a student is enrolled, a place is held open for that student and funds are expended in preparation for his/her education.  Each family is unconditionally responsible for the full annual tuition due the school.  If it becomes necessary to withdraw from school, all official student records will be released to the new school upon payment of the withdrawal fee of $500 and of all tuition due.  In the case of moves to locations farther than 60 miles from the school, tuition will be prorated through the end of the last month the student attends.

If you are a prospective parent and would like to be contacted by someone in the Admissions Office, please request more information and we would be happy to get in touch with you.

need HELP?

Admissions Questions

Denise McCracken, Admissions Director

Allison Buckner, Admissions Assistant

FACTS Questions

FACTS Phone 866-412-4637
Lisa Hester, Accounts Receivable/FACTS

Academic Questions

Judy Johnston, Academic Dean, Elementary Principal

Perian Calhoun, Academy Principal

Toby Evans, High School Principal

Guidance Counselor

Dr. Kim Kerce, Academy/HS Guidance Counselor