Dear Strong Rock Christian School Families,

As you know, Parents Partnering with Patriots (P3) is our school’s parent organization in which every SRCS parent and guardian is a member. As parents, we assist our faculty and staff in any way possible. To help in coordinating the assistance of our faculty and staff, the following parents serve on the 2018-2019 P3 Board.

Your current P3 board members:
Allison Buckner, President
Linda Lingafelt, Vice President
Heather Pearson, Secretary
Brian Boutelle, Treasurer
Lola & Marty Blackwelder, Missions Coordinators
Angie Harvey and Lyndsay Theado, Elementary Coordinators
Jessica Woodall and Stephanie Mudge , Academy Coordinators
Michael & Elesha Bateman and Leah Frickey, High School Coordinators

One of the primary opportunities we parents have in assisting faculty and staff is to volunteer at one or more of the numerous school events that require parent volunteers. Examples of events, just to name a few, include the Back to School Bash, the Patriot Cup, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Event, and Teacher Appreciation Week. Several events, to be successful, require numerous volunteers. As an example, over 100 volunteers are needed each year for the Back to School Bash.

To serve your school for any opportunities, please contact the Lead Event Coordinator (LEC), Event Coordinator (EC), P3 Point of Contact (P3 POC), or one of the board members noted above.

Thank you in advance for stepping up to serve our school! We look forward to serving alongside you!

Serving Together,
Your P3 Board